Collective Action Conference 2018

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Collective Action – Evolution to Revolution

14-15 November 2018, Basel 

The International Centre for Collective Action (ICCA) at the Basel Institute on Governance held their third biannual  Anti-Corruption Collective Action Conference on 14 - 15 November 2018 in Basel, Switzerland.

The 2018 conference reviewed the evolution of the concept of multi-stakeholder approaches to tackling corruption as well as looking to the future with a view to establishing Collective Action as a go-to anti-corruption tool for companies who want to engage with others in revolutionary ways to stop bribery. In doing so, the conference built on the previous two events, which looked at success factors of Collective Action and explored the different Collective Action formulas employed so far. 

Key sessions and debates focued on how to ensure a successful Collective Action remains sustainable; the relevance of context; the role of technological and digital advances that may offer revolutionary solutions and how these can be harnessed by the private sector together with others when combating corruption. E-government as a catalyst for multi-stakeholder engagement to address corruption is another under-explored area that was addressed in the conference. 

The conference took a forward-looking perspective and seeks to inspire practitioners that are in the process of developing new Collective Action initiatives through the presentation of current research analysing a series of existing projects around the globe. This research looks at the perspective of different stakeholders when developing an initiative from scratch, as well as at the elements that make an initiative sustainable, what impact can be achieved through which approaches, and what types of hurdles have typically been experienced and how best they may be overcome.