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Insights into Collective Action

What is Collective Action against corruption? How does it benefit markets and society? Who gets involved in anti-corruption Collective Action initiatives and why? What are success strategies for Collective Action initiatives and what does the future hold?

These short videos offer insights from some of the leading voices in anti-corruption Collective Action worldwide. The interviews were filmed at the International Centre of Collective Action Conference 2018. The conference was held by the Basel Institute on Governance with support from the Siemens Integrity Initiative, KPMG and Hughes, Hubbard & Reed.

1. Collective Action

What is Collective Action and what is its value in combating corruption?

What exactly is Collective Action? How can Collective Action combat corruption? Find out in the first of this 5-part series of insights featuring some of the world's leading Collective Action experts.

Featuring: Mark Pieth (University of Basel), Robert Klitgaard (Claremont Graduate University), Soji Apampa (Convention on Business Integrity), Susanne Friedrich (Alliance for Integrity), Hentie Dirker (SNC-Lavalin) and Lisa Miller (World Bank Group).

Subtitles are available in English, German, Spanish and French.

Download transcript in English, German, Spanish or French.