The ICCA regularly participates in and occasionally organizes international conferences and expert workshops to support the international policy dialog on the fight against corruption through Collective Action. The information provided here highlights some of these as well as some partner events.

Upcoming events

Currently no events planned.

Past events

20. Oct 2016 to 21. Oct 2016
Basel, Switzerland

The International Centre for Collective Action (ICCA) at the Basel Institute on Governance will hold a conference on “Collective Action: Evidence, Experience and Impact” on 20 - 21 October 2016 in Basel, Switzerland. Further information including registration details, conference agenda and logistical information will be provided shortly on the main conference web page within the B20 Collective Action Hub.

15. May 2016 to 16. May 2016
Cairo, Egypt

This conference hosted by the Egyptian Junior Business (EJB) Integrity Network Initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of integrity efforts for the business sector and more specifically will look at the importance of countering corruption in light of its influence on long-term investment and a sustainable economic development of Egypt.

19. Apr 2016 to 20. Apr 2016
Paris, France
The 2016 edition of the OECD Integrity Forum will put the spotlight on corruption in global trade, bringing stakeholders around the table to identify how they can efficiently and effectively mitigate the challenges of corruption in trade through policy actions and cooperative anti-corruption efforts.
21. Mar 2016 to 23. Mar 2016
GCSP, Maison de la paix, Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2D, CH-1211 Geneva 1

The Basel Institute/GCSP course on Leadership in Anti-Corruption (21-23 March 2016, Geneva) aims to equip participants with an understanding of the particular requirements for leadership when it comes to the effective implementation of anti-corruption policies/reforms.

09. Mar 2016
Zürich, Switzerland

The Basel Institute on Governance will provide a short intervention in this discussion on anti-corruption efforts in Swiss companies, following a presentation from Dr Christian Hauser from the University of Applices Sciences Chur. The event is hosted by UN Global Compact Network Switzerland.

02. Mar 2016 to 04. Mar 2016
Washington, DC, USA

Designed specifically for TRACE Corporate Member companies, this exclusive event, held annually in Washington, DC, offers practical compliance advice and an opportunity for companies to benchmark with their peers in an interactive environment. The program utilizes anonymous polling to facilitate benchmarking among attendees and features top level speakers from a wide variety of industry sectors who share new compliance strategies.

17. Feb 2016
Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is organizing a discussion to introduce Collective Action against Corruption with the collaboration of the Basel Institute on Governance and the Swiss Embassy of Sri Lanka.

16. Nov 2015 to 20. Nov 2015
London, UK

The Compliance & Ethics International (CEI) Conference in London on 16-20 November 2015 offers a genuine opportunity for the international compliance and ethics community to openly and honestly discuss real world issues. Among the over 100 speakers taking part in this three-day conference, Gemma Aiolfi, Head of Compliance and Collective Action at the Basel Institute, will interview Klaus Moosmayer, Chief Compliance Officer of Siemens, in a discussion on the future of anti-corruption.

05. Nov 2015 to 06. Nov 2015
Tower Grange Hotel, London, UK

Ethical Corporation's culture change forum captures the evolution of customer orientated change through embedding good conduct in the business and achieving long term sustainable business growth within the insurance industry. 2015 will bring together leading insurance firms that have shown how compliance takes a more central role to increase brand reputation.

17. Sep 2015
Luzern, Switzerland

Diese Veranstaltung hat zum Ziel, sowohl das Problembewusstsein zu schärfen als auch die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen und praktischen Lösungsmöglichkeiten der Korruptionsbekämpfung aufzuzeigen.