The Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business

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The Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business

This initiative, launched by the Russian business community, seeks to prevent and combat corruption by stating the corporate consensus against it, and setting forth measures to address corruption within and between companies, as well as between companies and government. The provisions of the charter apply to both the relations inside the business community and those between the business community and public authorities.

To successfully apply the Charter principles in business practices, the initiators established a joint committee to deal with all matters relating to the implementation of the Charter, such as ensuring relevant organizational, methodological and informational conditions. The Charter includes:

  • Corporate management based on anti-corruption programmes
  • Monitoring and assessment of anti-corruption programmes
  • Efficient financial control
  • Personnel training and control
  • Joint efforts and transparency of anti-corruption measures
  • Rejection of illegally gained benefits
  • Relations with partners and counterparties based on the anti-corruption principles
  • Transparent procurement procedures
  • Information measures to counteract corruption
  • Collaboration with the government
  • Advocating law and order
  • Combating bribery of foreign public officials and international organization officials.

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