African Lawyers Initiative on compliance in business relations

Pan African Lawyers Union

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African Lawyers Initiative on compliance in business relations

This project enhanced the level of transparency and accountability in business transactions in the energy sector in Africa. The goal of the project was two-fold:

  • Strengthen the rule of law and good governance through the development and use of an Africa-wide Code of Ethics on anti-corruption efforts and compliance standards which is developed, implemented and championed by African lawyers in the public and private sectors for the benefit of local and international business, in particular in the energy sector in Africa.
  • Training of private and public sector lawyers across Africa, primarily those employed in the energy sector, in the systematic application of the anti-corruption and compliance standards and the new Code of Ethics in business transactions.

Through the Pan African Lawyers Initiative’s interactive website, African lawyers could pledge their adherence to the above-mentioned anti-corruption standards. As a result, lawyers in Africa have taken a more active role in advocating for the inclusion of anti-corruption standards in Africa’s business environment.

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