Sicily Local Development (Madonie) Integrity Pact


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Sicily Local Development (Madonie) Integrity Pact

The Madonie Municipalities Union is comprised of 21 cities in Sicily that have come together to undertake a regional development project as part of the National Strategy for Inner Areas (SNAI) called "Resilient Madonie: Laboratory of the future" with significant investment from EU regional funds. The objective of the SNAI rural development strategy focused on energy efficiency, school and education, and welfare for seniors in the Sicilian countryside.

This is one of four Integrity Pacts pursued in Italy as part of the "Safeguarding EU Funds" pilot project.

Additional information

  • Procurement authority: Madonie Municipalities Union
  • Monitor: Amapola
  • Language: Italian
  • Start year: 2017
  • End year: 2020
  • Tender value: EUR 12.37 million

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