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Fight Against Facilitation Payments Initiative (FAFPI)

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Fight Against Facilitation Payments Initiative (FAFPI)

The Fight Against Facilitation Payments Initiative (FAFPI) is a Collective Action initiative uniting companies and organisations in the fight against demands for facilitation payments.

The initiative was started in 2018 in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Confederation of Danish Industry, companies and NGOs.

FAFPI members meet regularly to share experience and discuss challenges on relevant issues such as establishing an effective anti-facilitation payment policy, training of employees, collection of data and reporting, risk assessment and due diligence, and communication.

FAFPI has also developed a reporting tool for collecting anonymous data on when and where companies and organisations encounter demands for facilitation payments, with the aim of using this pool of data to drive change.

Based in Denmark, the initiative welcomes applications for membership from all companies and organisations operating internationally that commit to the initiative's principles.

This information is gathered from open-source data and in some cases has been provided by initiative facilitators. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information and do not take responsibility for decisions made on the basis of it. Please inform us of any errors by emailing us.