The ICCA is partially funded through a grant by the Siemens Integrity Initiative (SII) and by Basel Institute core funding.

Beyond this seed funding, the Basel Institute on Governance offers sponsorship opportunities to partners wishing to support the ICCA and the promotion of Collective Action in anti-corruption. Sponsoring the ICCA, which is internationally recognised as the lead institution on Collective Action, is a unique opportunity to demonstrate commitment to anti-corruption.

Sponsorship opportunities are available in three categories:1


You give: USD 10 000 — 19 999

You will receive:
  • Your logo or name displayed on the ICCA website(s), brochure and major publications.
  • Periodical invitations to speak at and participate in conferences or expert roundtables relating to Collective Action, Corporate Governance and Compliance, and/or to host a special panel in such events or co-host events with the Institute, allowing you to distribute materials relating to your work in compliance and anti-corruption.
  • Support in identifying areas for anti-corruption Collective Action in your industry/ies, as well as facilitated access to our network of Collective Action and anti-corruption decision-makers around the world.
  • Information about new Collective Action initiatives that may be of relevance to your business, and as permitted by the terms of those initiatives.
  • Membership in the Collective Action Hub


You give: USD 20 000 — 49 999

You will receive:
  • All of the aforementioned benefits.
  • Right to commission one impact or feasibility study of a chosen Collective Action initiative to the ICCA team per year.
  • Free or reduced rate access (as applicable) to the Basel Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Index Expert Edition and other tools as they become available.


You give: USD 50 000 and above

You will receive:
  • All of the aforementioned benefits.
  • Support for the initiation and preliminary facilitation of one dedicated Collective Action initiative in your industry.2

  1. These terms may be adjusted to fit the sponsoring organization's needs where necessary.
  2. ICCA will use best endeavours to ensure the success of such Collective Action initiatives and to deploy its skills and experience to facilitate and moderate them accordingly. The ICCA cannot, however, guarantee the outcome of any Collective Action, which rests primarily with the participants.