In conversation with Professor Mark Pieth, President of the Basel Institute and Meinhard Remberg, Chief Representative of SMS on the opportunities, risks, and success factors of anti-corruption Collective Action. Watch below to find out more (in German):

The Basel Institute on Governance is pleased to share its release of Working Paper 23: New Perspectives in E-Government and the Prevention of Corruption.

This is what the authors of a new book on “Confronting Corruption”, Basel Institute Chairman Mark Pieth and TI co-founder Fritz Heimann, argue. Their chronicle of global anti-corruption evolution provides a realistic assessment of the present state of affairs of anti-corruption efforts by critically evaluating what existing anticorruption programs and treaties have accomplished and documenting their shortcomings, while developing an action agenda for the next decade.

An anti-corruption Collective Action initiative led by MACN and BSR and supported by Governance Latam has made significant strides in reducing corruption risks in the ship clearance process in Argentina. Previously, a lack of regulatory clarity has opened doors to discretionary requests for facilitation payments in the amount of several thousand USD on average per ship. A new resolution passed just now as a result of the efforts of this multistakeholder initiative has led to a new control system that will significantly reduce these risks.

The Basel Institute has recently published its letter of commitment to the UN Global Compact and its Ten Principles. The Basel Institute has partnered with UNGC since 2013 in support of our shared goal of combating corruption. The letter of commitment is the Basel Institute’s second Communication on Engagement and describes activities and outcomes of our efforts in support of the UN Global Compact Principles, and in particular its tenth principle on corruption, from November 2015 through October 2017.

Graña y Montero, a Lima based group of engineering and infrastructure service companies operating in five countries in Latin America, announced last week the formation of its new external advisory council in matters of Corporate Governance, Ethics and Compliance. 

The company has appointed three outstanding professionals with expertise in legal strategy, business and international compliance to contribute to the Board's management on corporate governance and strategic business issues, and to support the tasks of the Risk and Compliance Committee.

In June 2016 the Bundestag revised its anti-corruption law with the aim of closing a gap in the demand side of corruption in the healthcare sector. 


We invite you to look back on our operational highlights in 2016. It was another exciting and eventful year during which we successfully advanced our multifaceted and integrated initiatives in promoting good governance and combating financial crimes together with our partners around the world.

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