The International Centre for Collective Action at the Basel Institute completes its second Integrity Partner Peer Learning Workshop on Collective Action

The International Centre for Collective Action at the Basel Institute on Governance completed its second of two workshops convening a select number of Siemens Integrity Initiative (SII) Integrity Partners and other Collective Action Initiatives in Basel, Switzerland from 27 to 28 April 2018. The objective of the workshops was to promote peer learning and to identify success factors and strategies for overcoming common challenges facing Anti-Corruption Collective Action Initiatives (CAIs).

The first workshop was held in collaboration with the Egyptian Junior Business Association Integrity Network Initiative and in conjunction with their Regional Clinic for the Middle East and Africa on “Collective Action to Counter Corruption and Foster Integrity” in Aswan, Egypt from 7 to 8 February 2018

The workshop consisted of numerous plenary sessions, where participants presented the work of their Collective Action initiatives and breakout sessions, which presented an opportunity for in-depth exchange on the focus topics of launching a Collective Action; building multi-stakeholder alliances; and creating sustainability and long-term engagement. The final joint discussion saw participants engaging in and sharing their assessments on the way forward in Collective Action as well as on policy recommendations to overcome key challenges.