Fighting Corruption, Business as a Partner

World Bank Institute
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Development Outreach Journal

This issue of Development Outreach is part of a communi- cations campaign to raise awareness of these issues in the world community. It is being released to coincide with the International Monetary Fund-WorldBank Annual Meetings in Singapore in September 2006 ,which will include good governance and anti-corruption as major themes.

The World Bank Institute (WBI) plays an important roleintheseeffortsbyprovidingparticipatory action-ori- ented learning for policymakers and national and local government leaders, and by developing tools for gather- ing, assessing, and disseminating data on governance in- country and worldwide. As part of the program of semi- nars at the Annual Meetings, WBI and the International Finance Corporation have organized a plenary session onPartnerships to Combat Corruption: Rising to the Challange.Among the panelists will be some of the authors of this special report. The Institute has also developed a Web Portal on Partnerships to Combat Corruption to provide information on country-specific and regional training opportunities to strengthen governance.