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The publications included below are drawn from the International Centre for Collective Action, the Basel Institute on Governance, partner organisations and others involved in anti-corruption Collective Action. Journal articles are provided via PDF where available or with a link for further ordering information.
Title Authors Publication Type Publication yearsort ascending
It Takes a Community: Collective Action Initiatives Confronting Corruption and Forced Labour Anthony J. Cooper Chris N. Bayer, PhD Mark S. Winters 2019
COLLECTIVE ACTION ON BUSINESS INTEGRITY: A PRACTITIONER’S GUIDE FOR CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS Veronika Horvath and Emma Harte, Organisation Development Support Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2018
Roundtable on the pilot High Level Reporting Mechanism in Argentina Erica Pedruzzi, Mirna Adjami Report 2018
Newsletter December 2018 Basel Institute on Governance Newsletter 2018
Corruption as a Violation of International Human Rights Anne Peters Article/Contribution 2018
Working Paper 27: Anti-Corruption Collective Action: Success factors, sustainability and strategies Basel Institute on Governance Working paper 2018
Business-driven Integrity in the Metals Technology Sector Nadine Bloxsome Article/Contribution 2018
Newsletter September 2018 Basel Institute on Governance Newsletter 2018
Report of the Expert Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption, Transparency, and Integrity in Latin America and the Caribbean Engel, Eduardo; Ferreira Rubio, Delia; Kaufmann, Daniel; Lara Yaffar, Armando; Londoño Saldarriaga, Jorge; Noveck, Beth Simone; Pieth, Mark; Rose-Ackerman, Susan Article/Contribution 2018
Integrity Pacts to Prevent Corruption in Banknote Procurement Mirna Adjami Article/Contribution 2018
Thailand's Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption David Cutler Commissioned Study 2018
Maximizing stakeholder trust as a tool for controlling corruption Philip Nichols and Patricia Dowden Article/Contribution 2018
High Level Reporting Mechanisms A comparative analysis Argentina, Colombia, Ukraine, Panama and Peru Basel Institute on Governance, OECD Report 2018
'Islands of integrity'? Reductions in bribery in Uganda and South Africa and lessons for anti-corruption policy and practice Heather Marquette, Caryn Peiffer Paper 2018
Nigeria Collective Action MACN Impact Report MACN Secretariat Report 2018
Implementing Collective Action Initiatives against Corruption in the Middle East & Africa Jennifer Schöberlein, Qusay Salama Report 2018
Collective Action Against Corruption in the Criminal Justice System Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church, Kiely Barnard-Webster and Peter Woodrow Paper 2018
Collective Action Conference 2018: Evolution to Revolution – Conference Highlights Basel Institute on Governance Report 2018
COLLECTIVE ACTION TO PROMOTE INTEGRITY (World Customs Organisation) World Customs Organisation (Capacity Building Committee) Paper 2017
WCO News No. 83: Sweeping Away Corruption Through Collective Action World Customs Organisation 2017
G20 High Level Principles on Countering Corruption in Customs: Annex to G20 Hamburg Leaders Declaration G20 Policy Brief 2017
Fighting Corruption Collectively: How Successful are Sector-Specific Coordinated Governance Initiatives in Curbing Corruption? Berta van Schoor Book 2017
New perspectives in e-government and the prevention of corruption Basel Institute on Governance Working paper 2017
Transparency International, 10 Anti-Corruption Principles for State-Owned Enterprises Transparency International (Peter Wilkinson) Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2017
The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network A Model for Public-Private Cooperation against Graft Alison Taylor & Martin Benderson Article/Contribution 2017
Conditions of Collective Commitment in Sector-Specific Coordinated Governance Initiatives Berta van Schoor, Christoph Luetge Article/Contribution 2017
Siemens Integrity Initiative Annual Report 2016 Siemens AG Report 2017
IBA Anti-Corruption Committee Anti-Corruption Law and Practice Report 2017: The value and importance of Collective Action Gemma Aiolfi Article/Contribution 2017
Promoting Private Sector Engagement in the Open Government Partnership: A Discussion Paper International Centre for Collective Action Working paper 2017
Collective Action on Corruption in Nigeria A Social Norms Approach to Connecting Society and Institutions Leena Koni Hoffmann and Raj Navanit Patel Report 2017
Working Paper No 23: New perspectives in e-government and the prevention of corruption Basel Institute on Governance Working paper 2017
MACN Impact Report 2016 BSR Report 2017
Combatting Corruption Through Collective Action Andrea Røyrøy Beinset & Andreas Fogth Berger Paper 2017
B20 Germany Cross-Thematic Group on Responsible Business Conduct & Anti-Corruption, Promoting Integrity by Creating Opportunities for Responsible Businesses: Policy Paper B20 Germany Cross-Thematic Group on Responsible Business Conduct & Anti-Corruption Policy Brief 2017
Business unusual: collective action against bribery in international business Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett Article/Contribution 2017
Transparency International, The Business Case for Integrity Pacts: How Civil Society Monitoring Benefits You, 2017 Transparency International Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2017
On Combating Corruption and Fostering Integrity OECD Secretary-General’s High-Level Advisory Group (HLAG) on Anti-Corruption and Integrity Report 2017
OECD, Integrity in Customs: Taking Stock of Good Practices OECD Report 2017
Fighting Corruption in the Western Balkans and Turkey: Priorities for Reform Andrew McDevitt Report 2016
The Global Competitiveness Report 2016–2017 World Economic Forum Report 2016
Portuguese language version: Designing a High Level Reporting Mechanism for Business - A Guidance Note for Governments Nicola Bonucci, Gemma Aiolfi, Valéria Silva Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2016