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The publications included below are drawn from the International Centre for Collective Action, the Basel Institute on Governance, partner organisations and others involved in anti-corruption Collective Action. Journal articles are provided via PDF where available or with a link for further ordering information.
Titlesort descending Authors Publication Type Publication year
On Combating Corruption and Fostering Integrity OECD Secretary-General’s High-Level Advisory Group (HLAG) on Anti-Corruption and Integrity Report 2017
Risk-Mitigation Instruments in Infrastructure: Gap Assessment World Economic Forum Report 2016
The Global Competitiveness Report 2016–2017 World Economic Forum Report 2016
19th PACI Task Force Meeting Summary World Economic Forum Report 2013
A Guide for Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment UN Global Compact Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2013
A New Role for Citizens in Public Procurement Eduardo Bohórquez, Deniz Devrim (Eds.) Book 2012
A Practical Guide for Collective Action against Corruption United Nations Global Compact Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2015
A Resource Guide to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2012
Anti-Bribery Policy and Compliance Guidance for African Companies African Development Bank (AfDB), OECD Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2016
Anti-Corruption Ethics and Compliance Handbook for Business Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), World Bank Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2013
Anti-Corruption Workshop on India: Summary World Economic Forum Report 2013
B20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Report to the B20 Office and Taskforce Chairs B20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Report 2014
Building Alliances to Tackle Corruption William Nero Article/Contribution 2015
Building Foundations Against Corruption - Recommendations on Anti-Corruption in the Infrastructure & Urban Development Industries World Economic Forum Report 2015
Business against corruption - Chapter 2 C: The power of joining forces – The case for Collective Action in fighting corruption UNGC Report 2006
Business Against Corruption: A Framework for Collective Action UN Global Compact, International Business Leaders Forum, Transparency International Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2013
Business Case for Anticorruption in India: Principles, Economics and Application of Transparency Tools Shabnam Siddiqui (Ed) Report 2015
Business Fighting Corruption: Experiences from Africa Kris Dobie, Oonagh Fitzgerald, Georg Huber-Grabenwarter, James Ngombe, Willem Punt, Odette Ramsing Report 2013
Business Integrity Country Agenda (BICA): Conceptual Framework for a BICA Assessment Sophie Everett, Atiqah Fairuz Salleh Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2016
Business Principles for Countering Bribery Transparency International Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2013
Business Principles for Countering Bribery: Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Edition Transparency International Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2008
Can Justice Be Achieved Through Settlements? Angela McClellan, Craig Fagan Article/Contribution 2015
Clean Business is Good Business: The Business Case Against Corruption International Chamber of Commerce, Transparency International, UN Global Compact, World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) Article/Contribution 2008
Clean Games Inside and Outside the Stadium: Collective Action in Combating Corruption in Sporting Events Gönenç Gürkaynak, Ç. Olgu Kama Article/Contribution 2013
Collective Action and Corruption Mark Pieth Working paper 2012
Collective Action and Systemic Corruption Heather Marquette & Caryn Peiffer Paper 2015
Collective Action to tackle corruption William Nero Article/Contribution 2016
Collective Action: Innovative Strategies to Prevent Corruption Mark Pieth (Editor) Book 2012
Controlling Corruption Through Collective Action Alina Mungiu-Pippidi Article/Contribution 2013
Corporate Governance and Business Integrity - A Stocktaking of Corporate Practices OECD Report 2015
Corporate Governance of Financial Groups Takahiro Yasui Working paper 2016
Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 (Brochure) Transparency International Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2013
Design and Enforcement of Voluntary Anti-Corruption Agreements in the Private Sector: a study commissioned by the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group and prepared on behalf of the B20 Task Force B20 Task Force on Improving Transparency and Anti-Corruption Report 2013
Designing a High Level Reporting Mechanism for Business - A Guidance Note for Governments Gemma Aiolfi, Nicola Bonucci Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2015
Designing a High Level Reporting Mechanism for Business - A Guidance Note for Governments (Portuguese language version) Nicola Bonucci, Gemma Aiolfi, Valéria Silva Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2016
Engaging on Anti-Bribery and Corruption: A Guide for Investors and Companies Principles for Responsible Investment, United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Report 2016
Exporting Corruption: Progress Report 2014: Assessing Enforcement of the OECD Convention on Combating Foreign Bribery Fritz Heimann, Ádám Földes, Gábor Báthory Report 2014
Fighting Corruption Collectively: How Successful are Sector-Specific Coordinated Governance Initiatives in Curbing Corruption? Berta van Schoor Book 2017
Fighting Corruption in the Western Balkans and Turkey: Priorities for Reform Andrew McDevitt Report 2016
Fighting Corruption through Collective Action: A Practitioner’s Guide Gönenç Gürkaynak, Ç. Olgu Kama, Begüm Nisli and Burcu Ergün Article/Contribution 2015
First to Know: Robust Internal Reporting Mechanisms TRACE, ISIS Asset Management, the International Business Leaders Forum Practitioner's handbook/booklets 2004
Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2013 UN Global Compact Report 2013