Collective Action for fighting corruption in Mozambique

The Ethics Institute

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Collective Action for fighting corruption in Mozambique

This initiative aimed to reduce corruption and facilitate clean business and fair market conditions in Mozambique. The main aim of the project was to build ethics management capacity in Mozambican organisations (private and public sector) with a view to reduce corruption and facilitate the ease of doing business in Mozambique.

  • The first phase of this project involved engagement with the private sector in Mozambique on implementing good ethical standards in companies.
  • The second phase of the initiative involved engaging with the public and private sectors through training, seminars, roundtable discussions and workshops to build awareness of ethical business practices and to stimulate dialogue on the topic of business ethics.

As a result:

  • Requests to The Ethics Institute by key Mozambican institutions increased significantly.
  • Cross-border stakeholders have actively demonstrated their commitment to address anti- corruption issues.
  • OCAM included an Ethics Management module in nationwide compulsory professional training for accountants and auditors.
  • Mozambican universities committed to include business ethics in their curriculum.

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