Healthcare Integrity Action

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Healthcare Integrity Action

The project aimed to enforce a “Healthcare Integrity System” in the Italian healthcare sector to improve the national healthcare sector’s efficiency and to reduce the risk of corruption through transparency, integrity and accountability. The project aimed to increase the awareness of corruption, educate and train, and implement and test innovative anti-corruption tools and organizational models through Collective Action initiatives with hospitals, Local Health Authorities (LHA), civil society and companies.

The main objectives of the project were to:

  • Develop specific and innovative measurement, monitoring and assessment tools to identify structural and geographical vulnerabilities.
  • Improve the legal and cultural framework through Collective Actions and engagement of all relevant stakeholders in the healthcare sector, to promote good practices of transparency, accountability and integrity and to raise awareness in order to increase civil society’s understanding of the phenomenon of corruption.
  • Enhance competences and skills in the field of anti-corruption through specific training courses and coaching for executives and other staff
  • Test and implement tools (including whistleblowing), practices, procedures and organizational models designed for the Italian healthcare sector in five selected Local Health Authorities (LHA) in order to reduce the risk of corruption.

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