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Business Integrity Society

An enabling environment accompanied by rule of law and enhanced compliance capacity of market players must go hand in hand to promote a high level of corruption-free society. Business Integrity Society (BIS) aims to achieve the overall project goal by addressing the following two key objectives during its project years from 1 Oct. 2019 to 30 Sept. 2022.

  • The first objective is to create an enabling environment through legislation revision and policy proposal on ESG disclosure, Stewardship Code Guideline and Procurement Act that will lead to increase in transparency and integrity of Korean companies when doing business.
  • The second objective is to incorporate effective compliance system and enlarge anti-corruption capacity in all levels of management including CEOs, executives and working levels by effective training, tool and guidance. The anti-corruption training programs will cover cross sectors as well as focus on healthcare and energy industry.

This project will invite key players in the market including National Assembly, Government Ministries, National Pension Funds, Companies, Business Associations, Civil Society and Academia to successfully implement activities and maximise the project impact.

This project is the continuation of the Fair Player Club initiative.

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