Milan Municipality Integrity Pact

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Milan Municipality Integrity Pact

The Milan Municipal government was the first public entity to implement Integrity Pacts to oversee public procurement in Italy. The IP experience in Milan is widely seen as successful. Transparency International Italia has monitored the use of IPs in Milan and has demonstrated the following results of their use from 2002 – 2014:

  • 453 tenders were excluded due to lack of compliance with the IP;
  • 166 companies were excluded from bids due to lack of compliance with the IP;
  • 2.675 million Euro were collected through sanctions procedures for failure to comply with IPs;
  • The total value of contracts covered by IPs during this time was EUR 131 million.

From 2014 onwards, the political and economic situation changed and the Milan Municipality did not implement IPs to oversee its municipal procurement as before. In 2019, Transparency International Italia met again with the Milan Municipality, which had expressed renewed interest in reviving the use of IPs in public procurement.

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