Linea Madrid - Citizen Telecommunications Channel Service Integrity Pact

Transparency International Spain

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Linea Madrid - Citizen Telecommunications Channel Service Integrity Pact

The Madrid City Council used an IP to oversee the tender to establish a citizens' call hotline in 2017 - 2018. A 2017 collaboration agreement between TI-Spain and the Madrid City Council created a Joint Monitoring Commission that that designed the IP text and setting out procedures and hired external experts to oversee the tender award and implementation. The IP monitoring system had a positive impact in improving public information regarding the contract implementation.

Additional information

  • Procurement authority: Madrid City Council (Department of Citizen Participation, Transparency, and Open Government and Directorate General of Transparency
  • Monitor: Transparency International Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Start year: 2017
  • End year: 2018

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