Collective Action for ethics and transparency of the Colombian energy sector

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Collective Action for ethics and transparency of the Colombian energy sector

Acción colectiva de ética y transparencia is a voluntary initiative of a group of independent companies and institutions to jointly address corruption in and for the Colombian electricity sector.

Based on good practices, it promotes transparency and a level playing field. The scope of the Collective Action is defined by the participants and aims to go beyond what is strictly required by law.

The initiative was established in June 2015 at the third Ethics Forum of the Colombian Electricity Sector (Foro de Ética del Sector Eléctrico colombiano) by 13 companies. These jointly accepted the challenge of creating the Collective Action and committed to ethical leadership in the Colombian energy sector with five key goals:

  • Advance the development and implementation of a comprehensive anti-corruption programme drawing on Transparency International's Business Principles for Countering Bribery.
  • Continue to promote healthy competition in the electricity sector.
  • Build and disseminate a map of risks of corruption, anti-competition and money laundering/terrorist financing in each company.
  • Provide useful information to promote transparency in Colombia's energy sector and market.
  • Disseminate this agreement within each company, including its executive boards.

The initiative has since grown to 35 members (by March 2021) and works jointly with other key players including the Hacia la Integridad / On the Level initiative of the UNODC in Colombia.

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