Etik ve İtibar Derneği (TEİD) – Turkish Ethics and Reputation Society

Ethics and Reputation Society of Turkey (TEID)

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Etik ve İtibar Derneği (TEİD) – Turkish Ethics and Reputation Society

Etik ve İtibar Derneği (TEİD) is a cross-sectoral Collective Action initiative that seeks to develop and encourage adherence to universally recognised business ethics principles, and to disseminate them within the Turkish business environment.

Membership in the initiative is achieved by becoming a corporate member of TEİD. This way, the association holds the members accountable to the principles to which they have committed. The ethics board of TEİD serves as the oversight committee.

In 2020, on the 10th anniversary of TEİD, the number of companies who had signed the TEİD Declaration of Integrity had reached 150. Together, these represent more than 15% of Turkey's GDP.

Shareholder and stakeholder pressure, pressure from multinational companies, and partnerships with companies with effective integrity risk management programmes have created a supporting climate. Stakeholders view the initiative with great success, as they see it as an effective way to bring an ethical culture to the markets and sectors where they compete with companies that have limited regard for fair competition and combating bribery.

However, the members agree that the initial actions will have limited impact if not backed up by regulations. Thus they come together in sectoral working groups, prepare position papers and other reports, and use these in their advocacy efforts.

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