“Ethics and Compliance Manager” Occupational Standards

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“Ethics and Compliance Manager” Occupational Standards

TEİD has advocated for the ethics and compliance function as a recognised profession and has prepared the profession profile and description with the related authority, the Turkish Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA). The official national “Ethics and Compliance Manager” occupational standard (level 6) has been acknowledged and published on the Official Gazette on June 2018.

Parallel to this advocacy, TEİD has established a certification program named “Corporate Ethics and Compliance Management” in 2016. The program has finished its 6th edition and has more than 130 graduate certified ethics and compliance managers in Turkey. The certification program consists on a 42-hours program together with a practicum to be prepared and presented at the end of the program. 
With its over 30 trainers from both academic and professional business backgrounds, the program is designed by adapting best international certification programs around the world to the local context and multinational needs and is prepared according to the daily expectations from an “Ethics and Compliance Manager” within corporations. This program is its only example in the region, and it aims to help its attendants to develop their careers locally and globally.
TEİD now organises events and conferences in order to disseminate the profession recognition in the private sector but also among universities in order to attract new graduates to the profession.

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